Workplace Culture Introduction

Workplace Culture Introduction


A recurring theme in this website is a practice grounded in individualized, expert care.  While some hospitals may get away with shouldering a sole owner-doctor with the responsibility for this care, the really successful and valuable practice of the future will have figured out how to leverage their entire team in the process of serving and caring.

The motives behind workplace culture are not as touchy-feely as you may think.  Hospitals that employ respectful, attentive, human-resource management practices and who take into consideration the physical and mental health of their employees are not just building a happier environment, but a more prosperous business that makes fewer mistakes, makes higher sales, and just plain feels good to work at.

Don’t make the mistake of skimming over the following blogs thinking that they are a luxury you can’t afford. In fact, they are integral to your future competitiveness and have an enormous potential to provide you with a wide return on your investment.   Enjoy!

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