Online Reputation


Online Reputation

Cultivating a glowing online reputation goes hand-in-hand with your veterinary practice’s digital marketing strategy. You take care to assure clients deliver great service, their pets are well taken care of, and that your team is personable and professional. The reputation in your local community reflects this if you are following up with clients after visits, immediately addressing any concerns that come to your attention, and striving for great client and patient experiences. But, are you doing the same when it comes to the online community? Do you know what your online reputation looks like, or are you blissfully unaware hoping that if you don’t go searching for negative reviews that they don’t exist?

Stake Your Claim

If you haven’t already, take some time to search for your practice, using the major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo!). Use a variety of relevant keyword phrases to see where you place in search, compared to your competitors. Are you coming up in search on websites you’ve never heard of like Insider pages, Yelp!, Localvets or Vetratingz? It’s time to take a look at what is being published online about you and your practice.

Once you find your practice listed somewhere, claim the listing as the business owner. This will allow you to personalize the listing to your practice’s brand image. It will also give you the ability to better manage your online reputation by replying as the owner should people write a review, comment or complaint.

Cultivate Positive Reviews

If you deliver inconsistent service, or get bogged down when you’re short-staffed, you may find yourself frustrated with negative online reviews. The Internet has given clients the ultimate megaphone by making it easier than ever to let others know about a bad experience when it happens. The key is for you and your team to be aware of this and understand that the client experience is the leading way successful practices of the future will grow and thrive. Striving for excellence is the only way to assure your online reputation rises as a winner. Just as you put your best foot forward on a local level, you must learn to do so online.

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