21st Century Veterinary Practice Visibility


Visibility Introduction

Though the details of the future of veterinary medicine are mostly murky, one aspect is very clear: it will be much more competitive.  Veterinary corporations and buying groups will throw their full weight against the challenge of visibility and new client growth and it’s very likely they’ll be extremely good at both.

The good news is that visibility is best achieved these days with client engagement on social media and the largest social media providers understand the power of keeping things colloquial.  Already social media giants like Facebook have put up hurdles to out-and-out advertising by companies to their followers…unless of course you pay for it.  Instead, they push everyone within their social media environment to do what the title says that they should do, be social.  For companies like us, whose business model is built on expert, personal relationship, this change is a Midas touch.

In the following sections, we’ll shed some practical light on the the esoteric topic of branding, give you a 101 course in online presence and digital marketing, and then address the bold implications of online reputation.  Let’s get started!

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