21st Century Veterinary Business Model

Business Model Introduction

Veterinary preventative health diagnostics, services, and plans are not new in our industry, but are growing considerable traction. They are emerging as ways for general veterinary practices to remain competitive, fulfill their Mission Values, sustain their commitment to the profession’s code of ethics, and maintain a healthy earnings yield commensurate with veterinarians’ financial and educational investment. Preventative health services offer five distinct competitive strengths to the veterinary practice owner


  1. Allow veterinarians to compete on expertise and service rather than selection and price
  2. Address a growing client sentiment that pets are family members and should be cared for as such
  3. Play to a rising demand by our workforce for work-life balance
  4. Take advantage of new, advanced, affordable, and accurate diagnostic screens
  5. Couple well with a new wave of client payment options and marketing that give clients access to financing and education that encourages them to act


In this section of the VP21C site, we discuss the above as well as provide you access to our usual panoply of expert opinion on the topics listed. You’ll watch video interviews with those members of our industry that have made the most significant impact on client compliance, increased their annual growth, and underlined their service team as reliable, invested, caring and expert.  Click on any of the links below to get started

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